You can make a difference in your community—there is a Lansing-area nonprofit that needs your skills on a Give Camp team.

We're looking for everyone: we want the code ninja and the n00b. designers, database administrators, quality assurance pros and the "average users" who like to break things, mobile application enthusiasts, chair-lifters and swag-organizers, network systems administrators, web developers, generic code monkeys, social media and digital communication specialists, and software architects. GiveCamp is language and technology agnostic, although a familiarity with Content Management Systems is useful for many of the projects, it is not a requirement.

Code Monkeys at workGive Camp needs the people who love to learn and solve puzzles. For instance, one puzzle is "how many non-profits will cry tears of joy because of the custom software produced by a roomful of (caffeine-fueled, cupcake-filled, and) dedicated people" (for the 2017 answer you will have to sign-up).

Find out more in the FAQ, or contact us with questions or concerns.

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Make a difference in your community with your technical skills.

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Event Staff Application

Be an official Code Monkey Wrangler: an important part of the cupcake-delivering, chair-lifting, caffiene-fueled team.

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