Event Staff FAQs

I'm not a tech person, how can I help?

We are looking for people who can support the developers 24/7:

  • Setup the workspace
  • Prepare and coordinate food
  • Play Rock Band
  • Keep developers on schedule
  • Clean up
  • Keeping morale up

Can I help as event staff as well as a volunteer developer?

Yes, your role will primarily be as a volunteer to support the developers, but if you feel the need to jump in on a project and help solve issues, feel free to pair program with someone for a few hours.

When will shifts be assigned?

After you create an account, you will be able to see the shifts that are available. We will begin assigning shifts when we get closer to the event.

Event Staff Application

Be an official Code Monkey Wrangler: an important part of the cupcake-delivering, chair-lifting, caffiene-fueled team.

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