Non-profit FAQs

How will projects be selected?

A non-profit is selected because they had a GiveCamp project in the past, and have a technological issue that can be solved by Lansing Give Camp resources, within a single weekend.

When will I know if my proposal has been selected?

The selected non-profits will be published to the Lansing Give Camp website by March 26, 2014. Non-profits whose projects are selected will be contacted by email prior to this date.

What types of applications can I request?

There will many developers at the event, with a wide range of skills.

If you are unsure if your application is small enough for a weekend project, please submit it anyway and we will let you know if it fits into the scope of a weekend, or if your project is selected, your team lead will help you to make sure your project is of a size that your team can complete in the weekend.

Example projects:

  • Establishing a web presence
  • Add a new section to your website
  • Track volunteers for an upcoming event
  • Run a silent auction
  • Register visitors to your website

What do you need from me?

Start off with filling out the non-profit application.

If you are selected, a representative of your non-profit must attend the kick-off meeting on Friday afternoon and the demo on Sunday afternoon. Your representative should be very familiar with your project needs.

Will I have help completing the application?

Initially no, the application serves as a document to help us select projects. If your non-profit is selected, there will be a team lead assigned to who will help clarify project needs. But, please try to complete as much of the document as you can.

Your proposal will the blueprint for your application. The more specific your proposal the happier you will be with your application.

  • Describe the problem this system will solve
  • What is the objective of the system?
  • Are you requesting a new application or an update to an existing application?
  • If it is not a new application, what software was used to create your existing solution?
  • Will you be hosting your application?
  • What information will you need to track?
  • Do any users have special needs?
  • Describe the ongoing needs for importing data into the system, and exporting it from the system.
  • List any reports
  • Describe performance requirements, issues, and concerns
  • Describe security requirements

Will I be able to modify my completed project?

Yes! Each non-profit will be provided with all of the software and knowledge required to maintain, update and extend their application. Please remember, the entire project must be completed within a weekend; talk with your team about what you want, and what they think is possible.

What happens after I am selected?

After your project is selected, you will be put in contact with your team lead, who will schedule a meeting with you BEFORE the weekend of Give Camp in order to finalize the project, discuss technology and design options, and get any logins, logos, images, or other information that your team will need for your project.

What time should I arrive?

Please plan on arriving at registration.

What if no one from my organization can make it to my event?

One non-profit representative is requested to attend opening and closing sessions. It is highly recommended that a non-profit representative attend the entire event, and at the minimum be available via phone and/or to answer questions for the developers on the team.

Where will my application be hosted?

If you already have your own hardware or a hosting provider, you will be provided with instructions on how to deploy your new application. If not, we hope to be able to provide a year of free hosting donated by a local hosting company.

My project did not get selected. What now?

We would still encourage you to stop by during Give Camp to see how it works and show your support for the hard-working volunteers. There are Give Camps held in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids which also may be able to accommodate your project. Go to for a complete listing of Give Camp dates and locations.