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What is a Give Camp?

A GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where software developers, designers, and database administrators donate their time to create custom software for non-profit organizations. This custom software could be a new website for the nonprofit organization, a small data-collection application to keep track of members, or a application for the Red Cross that automatically emails a blood donor three months after they’ve donated blood to remind them that they are now eligible to donate again. The event traditionally draws 75–100 attendees, and spans an entire weekend from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon; the only limitation is that the project should be scoped to be able to be completed in a weekend.

How many non-profits can you help?

Our goal is to have enough developer volunteers to select 20 charities.

Where can I park?

There is a parking lot outside the building.

Will there be press at the event?

Yes, local news media outlets have been contacted and will be at GiveCamp throughout the weekend.


In January 2009, a GiveCamp in Dallas served 20 non-profits. Ann Arbor GiveCamp last summer served 15 local nonprofits. More GiveCamp events are forming all over the country: Kansas City in April, Minneapolis in April, and another this summer in Ann Arbor.

The first Lansing Give Camp was held in 2009, and grew in 2010. For Lansing Give Camp 2012, we hope to help "refresh" past projects for local non-profit organizations, to give the technological help they could not otherwise have.

Lansing Give Camp